About Us

Our Vision


Japanese traditional attire, especially the luxurious Hikifurisode used in weddings, is renowned for its beauty and intricate design. Typically, these outfits are rented out for over one hundred thousand yen, highlighting their luxury and rarity. However, we are deeply passionate about making the allure of Japanese attire more accessible to a wider audience. This is particularly true for our international guests, who may have fewer opportunities to engage with Japanese culture. We believe such special experiences can become lifelong memories.

Therefore, we are excited to introduce a special plan. Priced at 88,000 yen, this plan is designed to be more accessible to a broader range of guests, offering a deep dive into Japanese culture centered around the luxurious Hikifurisode. Through this plan, we hope to bring the intrinsic beauty of Japanese attire and its cultural significance closer to you.

Our wish is for as many guests as possible to fully experience the charm of Japanese attire and to appreciate the depth and richness of Japanese culture. For our international guests, we are committed to making your journey to Japan more vibrant and meaningful.

We hope that the experiences we offer will become special memories etched in your hearts, fostering a deeper understanding and affection for Japanese culture.

Our Mission

Our mission lies in sharing the traditional beauty of Japan with people around the world. The Hikifurisode is not only beautiful in appearance but also has the power to bring out the inner radiance of those who wear it. From Asakusa, we earnestly wish to share the richness and appeal of Japanese traditional culture with the entire world.

Through our services, we aim to provide our guests with more than just a tourist experience; we want to offer a profound understanding of Japanese culture and heartfelt emotions. By experiencing the delicate aesthetic sensibility and the spiritual essence of Japan that is woven into our attire, guests can gain a new perspective on Japan.

Through our mission, we aim to spread the universal beauty of Japanese attire and the deep values of Japanese culture worldwide. We hope to provide opportunities for many people to engage with and be enchanted by Japanese traditions. We wish for every guest who visits our store to leave with not just memories but a meaningful experience that stays in their hearts.